Did you know you can download a full backup of your Facebook business page, including all the photos, videos and posts you have posted since you started your page?

Why back up? 

  • Ever look for that illusive post, you KNOW you posted awhile back but couldn’t find?
  • Many innkeepers upload great photos of the inn and the surrounded area to their business page, but never back it up to their computer for use in other social media, or to have a copy for their media kit or other advertising?
  • Have you uploaded regular videos to your page, or Facebook live videos and want to re-purpose them? Social Media Examiner (one of my favorite sites) wrote a great post last year: How to Repurpose Your Facebook Live Videos which gives some great ideas about re-purposing and gives instructions for downloading one video at a time, but downloading the archive takes a step out.

You can also download individual albums, which I would also recommend doing frequently if you don’t want to download a full archive.

Downloading the full archive though is a piece of cake, once you select “download the archive” it will walk you through some additional steps and it will also send you an email letting you know the download is ready.

Don’t forget you can also back up your personal Facebook account photo albums, which is also worth doing occasionally, especially mobile uploads.

Facebook may also be rolling out a new feature for Facebook admins, I have only seen this option from new pages that have been created, but I hope it’s not just a test, but something they will add to all pages for the admins, it would be great to be able to invite connections and give them a more personalized invite than just “like this page”. When you receive an invite to like a page, a small text editable invite looks like it can be attached to it.

There are some new options for Facebook group admins if you want to check out the changes, click here for a brief overview.