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 Heather Turner Speaking Heather Turner Speaking Heather Turner Speaking

Heather has a vast amount of knowledge in the social media arena. I personally benefited from classes that she conducted at the Glastonbury Chamber and was impressed by her ability to keep things simple and the subject matter focused. I would strongly recommend anyone considering Heather’s services to not hesitate any longer. You will be glad you did!
-Jeff Foley, Owner, Minuteman Press

Heather is a meticulous planner and implementer of information and a fantastic trainer for social media for small to very large groups. Her specialty seems to be her ability to relate to all skillset levels when in the training environment and her capability to relate difficult concepts in a confident and encouraging manner to her trainees. She is a true servant leader and her abilities to relate to a diverse audience with relative ease
-Val Albert, Immediate Past District 53 Governor 2013-14 Toastmasters International – 2013-14 Presidential Citation Awardee

Heather Turner, aka Forfeng is a wonderful resource for helping people understand the mysteries of social media (in particular) for owners of small lodging businesses – whether you own a bed and breakfast, inn or other short term accommodations. I find her step-by-step descriptions of what needs to be done, as well as clear explanation of why, are very helpful; not just for my bed and breakfast business, but those of my coaching clients – people who are just entering the world of owning their own b&b
-Susan Poole, Owner/operator at 40 Bay Street Bed & Breakfast & The B&BCoach

Heather goes the extra mile for clients. Always willing to help with customer problems. She is also a very creative person with expert skills.She has helped me personally to set up my business facebook page, and other people I know to set up their websites. I highly recommend her services. She does an outstanding job. Sam Locastro-Locastro Photography www.facebook.com/locastrophotography
-Sam Locastro, Owner, Locastro Photography

Forfeng Designs is an exceptional company specializing in Internet marketing, culinary management and hospitality photography. The owner – Heather Turner – is a creative, business focused, technically savvy and customer oriented individual. The Glynn House Inn has worked with Forfeng Designs for more than eight years. During this time, we’ve received valued support in all of the areas highlighted. Projects have consistently been delivered on time and within budget. Rates are fair. Turner provides valuable professional advice and don’t hesitate to tell clients when she doesn’t know. She’s also exceptionally responsive. Finally and most important, Heather Turner is the consummate, ethical business professional. She’s a pleasure to work with. The Glynn House Inn highly recommends Forfeng Designs.
-Glenn Heidenreich, Owner, Glynn House Inn

Great Tips on how to “work a room”
(How to Work a Room, Tips on In Person Networking, District 53, Spring 2013 Conference)

Great talk with lots and lots of info condensed in a restricted chunk of time. I get the feeling you could talk about it for days.
(Pinterest for Lodging, MidAtlantic Innkeepers Conference)

Tons of great information. Heather is obviously an expert on using current social media.
(Blogging for Business, Glastonbury Chamber of Commerce Social Media Workshop)

Lots of great information, so much so that I lost track of time.
(Pet Friendly Pros and Cons, Mid Atlantic Innkeepers Conference)

I have known Heather for a number of years now and in my time with both Room Swap and Citylicious I can honestly say there were times when I would have been lost without her. Heather’s willingness to assist and support whenever needed is testament not only to her professional attitude but to her kind and generous nature. Heather’s knowledge about the hospitality industry not just in the USA but all over the world is unrivalled and recommending Heather to anyone would be the easiest business recommendation I could ever make.
-Iain Fenwick, Senior Parter at Citylicious Group

A lot of relevant scenarios and exercises.
(How to Work a Room, Tips on In Person Networking, District 53, Spring 2013 Conference)

Very informative session! Really love the practical information!
(Blogging for Business, Glastonbury Chamber of Commerce Social Media Workshop)

Awesome and original analysis Points hit home and drew and expanded interest.
(Twitter for Business, Glastonbury Chamber of Commerce Social Media Workshop)

Very informative and well presented
(Twitter for Business, Glastonbury Chamber of Commerce Social Media Workshop)

Heather joined the Cromwell Toastmaster International Club about at the same as I got elected President. Her support and contributions to the Club activities was a big factor to us reaching the coveted “Distinguished Presidential Award”, the highest award that any Toastmaster’s international Club worldwide can ever get. Over the years that I have known Heather there on, my appreciation for her deep marketing skills has never stop growing. Not only she specializes in promoting businesses in the hospitality and restaurant industries, but also in a wide array of other commercial activities. Among the many other things that enabled us to evaluate her capabilities and in depth knowledge of today social media and internet marketing, Heather designed and published a successful internet presence and blog for “The Nature of Things”, a business that specializes in narrated didactic stories for children of all ages, where real life animals are used as characters to present the educational messages. I recommend Heather to anyone who needs a qualified and experienced expert who is aware of today fast evolving multimedia internet marketing and advertising techniques, and who can successfully make things happen for their business. You will experience that she is efficient, dedicated and very reliable. A real asset for any business who uses her services.
-Louis Nizet, RFTS LLC Pres., Export & Global Biz Developt. expert & Promotion of USA Made Products & Equipt, Renown Public Speaker

Very informative, Helpful for someone who finds social media fascinating but daunting. I am a step closer to understanding many aspects of it though. You know what your talking about and have a lot to offer.
(A Social Media Overview, Glastonbury Chamber of Commerce Social Media Workshop)

Excellent, Thanks for preparing me with extra info about my followers. You have a great amount of digestible knowledge presented with good humor.
(Twitter for Business, Simsbury Library)
I have hired Heather Turner to present a workshop for our bed and breakfast association on social media trends. Her presentation was over the top and full of excellent information on the subject matter that attendees could take away with them and implement immediately. However, the education she provides does not end at the conclusion of the workshop. Heather continues to give freely her knowledge and expertise on an ongoing bases. I have also attended Heather’s workshops at the Mid Atlantic Innkeepers Conference on several occasions. She is always well prepared and offers unique scenarios in implementing social media techniques.
-Belinda McElroy, Owner-Innkeeper Maxwell Creek Inn Bed & Breakfast

Great thoughts, information laid out in an easy to follow manner, made me think hard about the marketing I am currently doing for my own business.
(A Social Media Overview, Glastonbury Chamber of Commerce Social Media Workshop)

Great Topic! Practical information I can use and love the worksheet handouts!
(Pet Friendly Pros and Cons, Mid Atlantic Innkeepers Conference)

Recently I wrote a blog post that asked if Publishers Had the Right People on the Bus? This phrase comes from Jim Collins’ book ‘Good to Great’, a well-regarded study on what makes great companies great. Since I’m in publishing I juxtaposed the lessons to the industry I work in. Without getting into too much detail companies today need people that have sound technical skills but more importantly they need people with positive core personality traits. Heather Turner is one of those rare individuals that excel in both. She approached me on the wise use of Facebook for my authoring endeavors and then went above and beyond by creating a separate page for me. Am I a Facebook expert now? Far from it. But I am a fan of Heather. Her expertise in enhancing one’s brand on social media as well as her dedication to her clients’ best interests make her a terrific resource.
-Mike Foy, President at Publishing Search Solutions

Very sound advice, very informative, you are correct! You need to protect your business online!
(Reputation Management, Maine Lodging Association)

Fascinating topic, very useful to our group. Great Intro “ When when the last time you Googled your Business name”
(Reputation Management, Glastonbury Chamber of Commerce Social Media Workshop)

Very creative and well thought out with lots of practical information. I enjoyed your presentation immensely.
(Pinterest for Lodging, MidAtlantic Innkeepers Conference)

Heather Turner has been general go to person for marketing my bed & breakfast since 2006. I have also worked with her on regional and state B&B association promotion as well as an inn to inn bicycle tour. Heather has a humor filled manner when she explains technical approaches to those of us who are less technically savvy. I come away knowing what I need to do but don’t have a throbbing head. She stays on top of trends in social media and lets me know how to take advantage of them. I really appreciate that someone else has weeded through the constantly changing world of the web and tells me what I need to act on, not everything thing that is going on. Heather understands the small lodging & restaurant business. She has a customer focus and can translate that into messages our guests need to hear. With vast Chamber of Commerce experience, Heather is skilled in getting things done through committees – often staffed by volunteers. She is organized and doesn’t waste people’s time in meetings.
-Kate Bartlet, Owner, Henniker House B&B

I could have stayed another hour. It was so informative.
(Blogging for Business, Glastonbury Chamber of Commerce Social Media Workshop)

I was going to split the classes-needless to say I was glued to my seat here.
(Pinterest for Lodging, MidAtlantic Innkeepers Conference)

Lots of info-made me want to run out and “pin” something
(Pinterest for Lodging, Glastonbury Chamber of Commerce Social Media Workshop)

It is my pleasure to recommend Heather as a social media expert! I attended a few of her seminars and she was able to answer ALL our questions. In addition, she has gone above and beyond to help promote my business from sharing marketing ideas/concepts to suggesting a blog or video and offering to help me do so. She has insight, integrity and the know-how to help any business soar and I would heartily recommend her as well as her company to get the job done
-Ann Marie Corneau, Personal Chef & Owner of Dinners by Design

Practical advice with a good dose of reality. Psychology explained, companion and comparison visuals were extremely helpful. (Linkedin for Business, Glastonbury Chamber of Commerce Social Media Workshop)

Great talk, I learned alot about what to and how to protect my businesses online reputation. Very intriguing.
(Reputation Management, Maine Lodging Association)

Her adaptation of twitter towards business and how to best utilize it was great and it was great to set up an account and have a hands on session.
(Twitter for Business, Glastonbury Chamber of Commerce Social Media Workshop)

I have a renewed interest in using and applying twitter for business
(Twitter for Business, Glastonbury Chamber of Commerce Social Media Workshop)

Good information and scary as well. Lots of businesses have no idea about this aspect of reputation management.
(Reputation Management for Lodging, Maine Lodging Conference)

Thanks for the fabulous workshop! I learned a lot about social networking. Thank You!
(A Social Media Overview, Social Media for Toastmasters, District 53 2012 Spring Conference)