Chef Heather Turner
Heather Turner Speaking at a Chamber of Commerce Event

Who is Forfeng?

Forfeng is Heather Turner,  a transplantee from the Hospitality Industry. Currently Geekette, Business Owner, Speaker and SCORE mentor.

Heather Turner is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America and has spent over 20 years in the restaurant business. She trained under one of the PBS Series “Great Chefs of America”, Chef Yves Labbe at 4 Star acclaimed restaurant, Le Cheval D’or as his Chef de Cuisine and has been the Executive Chef at Bellini’s Restaurant, The Cliff House at Stowe Mt. Resort and Harvest Market in Northern Vermont and at The Olde Inn on Cape Cod. In 2003, Heather decided to make a major career change and start her own business, she had a personal background in photography and the fine arts which she wanted to put to good use. After developing several websites for friends, it was suggested to her that she try it as a business undertaking. Thus Forfeng Designs was established in November of 2003 originally as a creative and alternative outlet to the restaurant industry and continues to the present day. Forfeng Designs now does a wide variety of marketing both online and in print (we do not do websites anymore but have a good referral network if you are looking for a good web designer), she primarily now teaches social media to companies and associations, and speaks at conferences around the United States.

Heather is a DTM X 2 (Distinguished Toastmaster), the highest level accreditation you can receive in Toastmasters. She was written up in the September 2016 issue of Toastmasters magazine, only the second person in District 53 (which covers all of CT, part of MA and part of NY) who has ever been featured. She is also the part-time Marketing Director for ALP:The Association of Lodging Professionals, formerly known as PAII: the Professional Association of Innkeepers International, the oldest and largest innkeeping association in the US.

The History of Forfeng?
The origin of the name Forfëng is from an old Norwegian family name. Forfëng was a champion log roller in the fjords of Norway, who was absolutely fearless when leaping from rolling log to rolling log. Anyone in the family even five generations later (that would be Heather T.) being regarded as a bit out of the box, was known as a Forfëng.