In the Beginning………

Forfeng Designs started in September of 2003 specializing in restaurant consulting. As time went on we developed a niche working with the small lodging industry, and then on to working with a broad variety of clients.

While we initially just offered site design as an added benefit, the business evolved over the next few years, and we found additional ways in which we could serve our customers. We branched out into offering graphic design services; including logo design, brochure, rack card, business card and ad design as our clients requested them. With a background in photography, we were also able to offer commercial photography to our clients; for interiors, exteriors, food styling and product stills.

In the middle of 2008, we started to have many clients coming to us interested in learning more about social media. While it was not anything that we knew much about at the time, in the interest of serving our customers, we took courses, learned as much as we could about the nuts and bolts of how social media worked.

Since then we currently spend several hours a day (literally) keeping up with current changes, trends and developments in the world of social media.

Fast forward to Now: We currently specialize in training businesses, business groups and associations, in how social media works, what to do with and how to market with it properly. We no longer offer web design services, instead we have a network of designers that we will happily refer you to, depending on your industry and budget. We continue to offer hospitality consulting and some graphic design and photography services as they go hand in hand with the set-up and continued marketing of social media.