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Pathways Help and Resources:

This is an ongoing list “Pathways Help and Resources that I started, that is being updated as more people let me know they have useful links. If you have a good link or file you would like to add or contribute please email me at and I would be happy to add it.

Pathways Step by Step – Getting TI UserID & Password PPT Formatted
Pathways Step by Step – Choosing Your Path PPT Formatted
Pathways Step by Step – Icebreaker Project PPT Formatted
Pathways for Members (Video)
Basecamp for VPEs (Video)
Pathways Basecamp and Basecamp Manager Overview (Video)
Pathways Sticky Points (PPT)
Step by Step Icebreaker for Pathways (PPT)
Step by Step Pathways Sign Up (PPT)
VPE View Pathways (PPT)
Unofficial Toastmasters Pathways Discussion Forum (Please make sure you answer the questions)

General Club Operations
Club Survey One (MS Word)
Club Survey Two (MS Word)
Developing Your Elevator Speech for Toastmasters (MS Word)
Meeting Roles (MS Word)
Membership and PR Ideas for Corporate Clubs (MS Word)
Most Commonly Used Acronyms in Toastmasters one page (MS Word)
Sign Up for the Next Meeting (MS Word)
Speech ideas (MS Word) This list come from another toastmaster, we made some edits and changes to the original, if anyone has seen this before and knows who created it, please let me know so we can add attribution to it.
Speech Title (MS Word)
When You are the General Evaluator Script (MS Word)
When You are the Toastmaster Script (MS Word)
When You are the Table Topics Master Script (MS Word)
Why Join Toastmasters Flyer (Fillable PDF)  I am currently working on updating this to reflect Pathways
Welcome Packet for Visitors (MS Word)
Officer checklist and midyear audit (MS Word)
Officer Checklist-Detailed (MS Word)
Mentoring Checklist (MS Word)
Club Pre-visit Form for Area Directors

Other links of Toastmasters Interest
TmTools – Tools for Toastmasters:
Mike Raffety Tools: