Checklist for doing Video Live Streaming Events for Bed and Breakfasts

Last January, my how time flies! I wrote a blog about how video is hot (and it’s still getting hotter) and live streaming: Ideas for Bed and Breakfasts using Video and Live Streaming, which I would encourage B&Bs to review, because video is here to stay and will continue to advance and perhaps dominate marketing in the years to come.

I wanted to follow this up with the checklist I had made up that might help B&Bs prepare a little bit if they were going to do video to promote their B&B, or they wanted to play around with Live Streaming Video.

Checklist for doing a Live Streaming Event:

  • Check Lighting. Try to avoid windows with bright sun streaming in. Turn on room lights and check for glare on camera.
  • Tripods in place if needed.
  • Preview movement for “in camera” objects, pre-video walkthrough or still photos.
  • Sound Checks with pre-recording.
  • Mute phones and cell phones if possible.
  • Turn off radio and/or TV.
  • Cue cards if needed for talking points.
  • If doing a recipe demonstration, have your mise en place done in advance.
  • If having people participate, get photo/video permissions, in writing if possible.
  • Check your appearance and anyone else’s in the video in advance.
  • Test your internet connection and speed.
  • Video in Facebook is muted by default, so make the opening reflect your topic or reflect a brand.
  • Share on as many channels as you can..
  • Be cognizant that many people may be watching on smartphones, so filming with your smartphone in the vertical position is suggested.
  • Time Yourself, Videos should be one to two minutes long at the most. If you are posting the videos to Youtube, keep in mind that Youtube Creator will let you edit videos as well as stitch them together.

Have you done some recent videos or live streaming events at your Bed and Breakfast that you would like to share? Please do in the comments, as I am always looking for example to show to other B&Bs!