Steps to Backing Up Your Personal and Business Facebook Pages

A common question I get from friends and clients is what happens if my business page or personal account gets deleted or I get locked out or banned from Facebook? Well in some cases it can be recovered, but in some, it can’t. Most of the concern understandably is about photos that might have been uploaded to a page or profile from a mobile phone and in many instances the copy on Facebook is the only copy.

From a business perspective, it’s not just photo loss, but what if you want to find a copy of a post from last year? Or two years ago? You can sit there for an hour plus and scroll back through all the posts in your insights, but having done that myself several times looking for past post information, set aside an extra hour (or two) to be able to find something, It’s ALOT of scrolling. Being able to download (and sort easily) that information can be very helpful.

Let’s start with the Facebook personal page, Facebook changed how you get to this option fairly recently for both profiles and pages. The last time I reviewed this was back about 3 years ago and there are some definite changes plus it’s always a good reminder.

Step one for a personal profile: Go to the top right of your Facebook account and click on the small downward-facing pyramid to “Settings & Privacy”
Facebook Screenshot of downloading and backing up information

Step 2: Go to “Settings”
Facebook Screenshot of downloading and backing up information

Step 3:**** Go to “Your Facebook Information” and than “Download Your Information”
Facebook Screenshot of downloading and backing up information
****Facebook frequently changes the options (and many of the settings) in the backend of accounts without letting anyone know, I highly recommend Facebook users go and review what the options are in here at least once quarterly if not more often.

Step 4:  if you have everything selected, be warned, it’s going to take a long time to process. So deselect all and than do the ones you have an interest in backing up.
Facebook Screenshot of downloading and backing up information

You will get two emails from Facebook, the first saying it’s processing, the second will come when your Zip file is ready to be downloaded. You will also get a red notification on the page above when it’s ready. If you get the second email saying it’s ready and you still had the above page open and it says “pending” refresh the page on your browser.
Email Screenshot of downloading and backing up information for Facebook

Email Screenshot of downloading and backing up information for Facebook

For a business page:

Step 1: On the left hand side of your Business page when you are on as an admin, go to “Settings”
Facebook Screenshot of downloading and backing up information for Business Page

Step 2: On the General tab, go to the middle of the page to “Download Page” and than “edit”. When you click on that there will be another option to hit “Download Page”.

Facebook Screenshot of downloading and backing up information for Business Page
Facebook Screenshot of downloading and backing up information for Business Page

Step 3: You will get a very similar looking page to the personal profile options, but it will say “Download Page” at the top to make sure it’s being differentiated from your personal account.
Facebook Screenshot of downloading and backing up information for Business Page
I’d recommend doing this at least once per year for both personal and business at the very minimum, I do this quarterly for any accounts I admin as the last thing you want to have is information that is not recoverable in any way.

I can’t stress enough the importance of backing up not just your social media information but all of the information on your computer on a consistent basis. I’ve talked to so many businesses who say they know they should be doing it and don’t and very much regret it when their computers fail, they have a break-in and their equipment gets stolen or there is a disaster like a fire or flood. If you are on of those people who know you should be doing it, but don’t, I would ask you to ask yourself, “Can my business function and how long will it take (and can I, and my business) recover, if my information is lost, maybe irretrievably forever.

Facebook Options for Businesses advertising COVID safety

As usual Facebook when they add (or delete) things, they tend not to let users know. This is one that I suspect not a lot of business owners know about as I’ve only seen it so far on two business pages.

If you are advertising additional safety measures that your business is doing to help keep people safe you may want to consider enabling this option. I suspect we may see additional changes in the next several weeks to a month as since I had done a SCORE workshop on the new business format there have been over a dozen small page changes since then.

In order to get the banner, go to “Edit Page Info” (on the left) or on the left alignment in the body of the business page and then scroll down towards the bottom (in the middle) and you will see various options. I’d recommend not just sending people to your home page unless you are actually advertising the information on your home page but instead directing people to specifically where on your website that information is listed so you don’t make people hunt.

Innkeepers, are you backing up your Facebook Business Page?

Did you know you can download a full backup of your Facebook business page, including all the photos, videos and posts you have posted since you started your page?

Why back up? 

  • Ever look for that illusive post, you KNOW you posted awhile back but couldn’t find?
  • Many innkeepers upload great photos of the inn and the surrounded area to their business page, but never back it up to their computer for use in other social media, or to have a copy for their media kit or other advertising?
  • Have you uploaded regular videos to your page, or Facebook live videos and want to re-purpose them? Social Media Examiner (one of my favorite sites) wrote a great post last year: How to Repurpose Your Facebook Live Videos which gives some great ideas about re-purposing and gives instructions for downloading one video at a time, but downloading the archive takes a step out.

You can also download individual albums, which I would also recommend doing frequently if you don’t want to download a full archive.

Downloading the full archive though is a piece of cake, once you select “download the archive” it will walk you through some additional steps and it will also send you an email letting you know the download is ready.

Don’t forget you can also back up your personal Facebook account photo albums, which is also worth doing occasionally, especially mobile uploads.

Facebook may also be rolling out a new feature for Facebook admins, I have only seen this option from new pages that have been created, but I hope it’s not just a test, but something they will add to all pages for the admins, it would be great to be able to invite connections and give them a more personalized invite than just “like this page”. When you receive an invite to like a page, a small text editable invite looks like it can be attached to it.

There are some new options for Facebook group admins if you want to check out the changes, click here for a brief overview.