Blogging for Toastmasters Clubs

We encourage clubs to use the Toastmasters branding, please see for more information if you are setting up a (free version of wordpress) blog

Visit for images and photos and the brand manual

Commonly used Blog platforms:

  • com (owned by Google)**
  • com*
  • com (free but cost to get rid of adds and connect a domain name to it)
  • org (free but cost for domain name and hosting in order to set it up)
  • There are many more options out there, but most are have fees.


What kinds of things can you as a Toastmaster or Club can blog or post about:

  • A recent speech contest (with photos)
  • A member getting an education award (with photos)
  • Club meeting minutes
  • The transcript of a speech (accompanied by an embedded Youtube video)
  • Member testimonials
  • Musings on Toastmasters
  • Advertising an open house
  • Explaining how a meeting runs or meeting roles
  • Results of an officer election
  • Instructional or informational information on Pathways
  • Member bios and why they joined Toastmasters
  • Ideas for Speeches
  • Topics you have heard other Toastmasters cover
  • Writing about mentoring, being a mentor or a mentee
  • Advertising a club meeting
  • About the company or location your meeting is hosted in
  • Toastmaster challenges or success
  • Write about a recent interesting meeting or a meeting that had some challenges, be careful with names and how you describe though as feelings can be hurt
  • The best things you have learned from being evaluated
  • How you have seen other grow and learn from being in Toastmasters
  • Leadership lessons learned
  • Lists of Toastmasters resources
  • Lists of things that help Toastmasters
  • Lists in general, top 10 lists are always good posts and best of

The Sky is the limit in terms of what can be written about on a blog

This is a webinar I recently did for District 53 Toastmasters on Blogging, other webinars on social media can be found on