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As a Director of Marketing with a Sales staff that was only familiar with Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin by name and theory, but in practice not so much, I called upon Heather as an expert in social media training and strategy. She came highly recommended and it is with pleasure that I continue to spread the good word about Heather.  Humble, knowledgeable, patient, and professional are just a few ways that I would describe her.

She understands the importance that professional's brand themselves with the help of social media.  Heather shared of herself and her expertise with grace to an audience that had varying degrees of understanding on how to use  the internet venues to their benefit, but more importantly, how to translate their  own professional expertise in service and to be a benefit to the sales team's clients.

We were very pleased with her workshop and the staff left confidently knowing they would use social media with ease.
~Pam Horton, Bearlingtar Insurance

Heather goes the extra mile for clients. Always willing to help with customer problems. She is also a very creative person with expert skills.She has helped me personally to set up my business facebook page, and other people I know to set up their websites. I highly recommend her services. She does an outstanding job. Sam Locastro-Locastro Photography
-Sam Locastro, Owner, Locastro Photography

Heather Turner, aka Forfeng is a wonderful resource for helping people understand the mysteries of social media (in particular) for owners of small lodging businesses - whether you own a bed and breakfast, inn or other short term accommodations. I find her step-by-step descriptions of what needs to be done, as well as clear explanation of why, are very helpful; not just for my bed and breakfast business, but those of my coaching clients - people who are just entering the world of owning their own b&b
-Susan Poole, Owner/operator at 40 Bay Street Bed & Breakfast & The B&BCoach

It is my pleasure to recommend Heather as a social media expert! I attended a few of her seminars and she was able to answer ALL our questions.

In addition, she has gone above and beyond to help promote my business from sharing marketing ideas/concepts to suggesting a blog or video and offering to help me do so.

She has insight, integrity and the know-how to help any business soar and I would heartily recommend her as well as her company to get the job done
-Ann Marie Corneau, Personal Chef & Owner of Dinners by Design

Heather Turner has been general go to person for marketing my bed & breakfast since 2006. I have also worked with her on regional and state B&B association promotion as well as an inn to inn bicycle tour.

Heather has a humor filled manner when she explains technical approaches to those of us who are less technically savvy. I come away knowing what I need to do but don’t have a throbbing head. She stays on top of trends in social media and lets me know how to take advantage of them. I really appreciate that someone else has weeded through the constantly changing world of the web and tells me what I need to act on, not everything thing that is going on.

Heather understands the small lodging & restaurant business. She has a customer focus and can translate that into messages our guests need to hear. With vast Chamber of Commerce experience, Heather is skilled in getting things done through committees – often staffed by volunteers. She is organized and doesn’t waste people’s time in meetings.
-Kate Bartlet, Owner, Henniker House B&B

Recently I wrote a blog post that asked if Publishers Had the Right People on the Bus? This phrase comes from Jim Collins’ book ‘Good to Great’, a well-regarded study on what makes great companies great. Since I'm in publishing I juxtaposed the lessons to the industry I work in. Without getting into too much detail companies today need people that have sound technical skills but more importantly they need people with positive core personality traits. Heather Turner is one of those rare individuals that excel in both. She approached me on the wise use of Facebook for my authoring endeavors and then went above and beyond by creating a separate page for me. Am I a Facebook expert now? Far from it. But I am a fan of Heather. Her expertise in enhancing one’s brand on social media as well as her dedication to her clients’ best interests make her a terrific resource.
-Mike Foy, President at Publishing Search Solutions

I have hired Heather Turner to present a workshop for our bed and breakfast association on social media trends. Her presentation was over the top and full of excellent information on the subject matter that attendees could take away with them and implement immediately. However, the education she provides does not end at the conclusion of the workshop. Heather continues to give freely her knowledge and expertise on an ongoing bases. I have also attended Heather's workshops at the Mid Atlantic Innkeepers Conference on several occasions. She is always well prepared and offers unique scenarios in implementing social media techniques.
-Belinda McElroy, Owner-Innkeeper Maxwell Creek Inn Bed & Breakfast

Heather joined the Cromwell Toastmaster International Club about at the same as I got elected President. Her support and contributions to the Club activities was a big factor to us reaching the coveted "Distinguished Presidential Award", the highest award that any Toastmaster's international Club worldwide can ever get. Over the years that I have known Heather there on, my appreciation for her deep marketing skills has never stop growing. Not only she specializes in promoting businesses in the hospitality and restaurant industries, but also in a wide array of other commercial activities. Among the many other things that enabled us to evaluate her capabilities and in depth knowledge of today social media and internet marketing, Heather designed and published a successful internet presence and blog for "The Nature of Things", a business that specializes in narrated didactic stories for children of all ages, where real life animals are used as characters to present the educational messages.

I recommend Heather to anyone who needs a qualified and experienced expert who is aware of today fast evolving multimedia internet marketing and advertising techniques, and who can successfully make things happen for their business. You will experience that she is efficient, dedicated and very reliable. A real asset for any business who uses her services.
-Louis Nizet, RFTS LLC Pres., Export & Global Biz Developt. expert & Promotion of USA Made Products & Equipt, Renown Public Speaker

Hi Heather:

Many thanks for a fabulous presentation this morning. I'm forwarding this review to let you know how well received you were.  Would like to talk further about classes for members interested in learning more about blogging, etc. if that is of interest to you.

Mary Ellen Dombrowski, CAE
Glastonbury Chamber of Commerce
"Subject: Another excellent program at the Chamber!

Hi Mary Ellen,

I didn't get a chance to chat with you after the WOW session this morning, but I wanted to tell you how pleased I was to hear you say that you need to hold additional sessions like that one.  Due to horrible traffic, I got there late, but even the shortened version was fascinating!

I would love to hear more, even a repeat to catch what I missed. It was another excellent program, and it is clear that we all need to increase our awareness of social media even if we don't actually use it actively.

Many thanks, Susan, Capital Workforce Partners, "





Heather Turner’s professional experience: executive chef, commercial photographer and web master – enables her to intimately understand the challenges faced by individuals operating business entities in the hospitality sector. Heather’s communication skills, creativity and business knowledge enable her to effectively leverage her business expertise, enabling clients to achieve and exceed agreed objectives. Most important,
Heather is an ethical, values driven individual who is truly committed to building and sustaining client focused business relationships. The Glynn House Inn is absolutely delighted with Heather’s contribution to our business. We remain committed to continuing a long-term business partnership with Heather.
Pamela, Ingrid and Glenn Heidenreich, Innkeepers The Glynn House Inn

I can't believe the outstanding job that Heather did on my website.  She listened to what I wanted and then proceeded to produce such an amazing website, in such a little amount of time.  I recently acquired her services to design a brochure for my company and again she surpassed my expectations, any further design services that my company may need I will without hesitation send them to Forfeng Designs.
Matthew Geary
Park View Inn

"I receive more compliments on my website than you can imagine...not only on the layout, but the ease of navigation. Heather Turner has been quick to respond to the sudden changes necessary (seasonal menus, room rates, refurbished rooms). I haven't had any trouble with the site going down, and she added enough "meta"s that the site can be found easily by people looking for lodging in my area.  All in all, it's been a pleasure working with Forfeng Designs." Best regards,
Madame Innkeeper
The New London Inn

Dear Heather, I just received a call from a guest, to increase the number of nights with us in October. In talking with her, she did nothing but raved how great the website was. She loved the pictures, how easy the navigation on the site was and the "About Us" button. She told me she read all the articles and everything there was to read on the site. This was not the first person to tell me how beautiful the website was. Heather, you did a magnificent job on re-designing my website. The professionalism you showed, the advice you gave and the time it took to design it and put it on was great. You were easy to work with. You knew what I was looking for in creating a feel for the Inn. Deep down inside, I feel that with this new design, my room rentals have increased tremendously. When I met you, I not only found a jewel of a designer, but a close friend.
Marilyn Gordon
The Candlelite Inn

We are totally delighted with our new website.  We quickly saw a change to the positive in the amount of hits on our site.  We found Heather delightful to work with and our website was up and running astoundingly fast.  Heather went out of her way several times to help us with systems problems not her responsibility.
Deb & Walt Bury
Turtle Pond Farm B&B

As suggested by Kurt Markarian of the Blue Acorn Inn, I met on November 2nd for the first time with Heather Turner of Forfeng Designs to discuss the development of a new web site.  On November 21 we went on line.  The whole process of working with Heather was such an enjoyable one that I chose this method to thank Heather for her style of doing business.  Fast, focused, cost efficient and producing the exact result the client wants.  Thank you.
Pecco Beaufaÿs
Highland Lake Inn

A year ago, I needed to re-vamp my web-site.  Heather Turner was referred to me by another happy client of Heather’s who owns an Inn & happens to be my cousin.  Heather was so helpful and flexible in attaining what I wanted as far as the “look and feel” of my internet image.  She implemented many new features on my site which she garnered from years of experience.  Heather is attentive, sincere, and fair in pricing.  I found her to be extremely talented, fast, and a joy to work with!  I am very pleased with the result and I continue to get compliments on the new site!  I look forward to working with her for many years to come!
Denise Richer
Innkeeper 1896 House Inn
'6 House Pub

I continue to get rave reviews of the web site when potential guests call.  I can't say enough about what I think of the magic you weave!  I had a bride call and book a week with us in October in faith that there'd be lots to do around here.  Gotta love our area attractions page & Fall foliage photos!
Kate Bartlet
Henniker House B&B

Dear Heather, I have to shake your hand, you are incredibly sweet, this is a very tough group to work with due to all of the different personalities and agendas- Again, a BIG thank you and pat on your back, you did wonderful and I wish I had known about you earlier because I truly love your websites and I would have had you design mine.  I just spent over $500.00 dollars for some very simple updates that I think was way over priced- never again.
The Blue Goose Inn (on the Country Inns Association website)

Dick and I just want to thank you for the great job you did on our new web site. We get so many compliments. Guests always say how easy it is to navigate and how informational it is! We appreciate how easy you are to work with and how quickly changes and updates are made. Even our friends at the Glynn House and Cottique sing your praises. Great job. It's been a wonderful experience.
Lesley Marquis,
Rosewood Country Inn


"In the last 9 years I have had three different web designers try to produce my idea for an interactive website for The Smart Advertiser.  Nine years later, I finally have just what I wanted--a smart, good-looking, fast and easy to use site.  Heather exceeded my expectations and though our personal tastes are very different--she pegged perfectly the look I was aiming for.  My customers love the site and I have gotten lots of positive feedback."
Susie Janicki, owner SmartWoman & Co. publisher of The Smart Advertiser

Hospitality and Food

Heather is a delight to work with. We are getting a lot more business and many compliments from both brides and other vendors with our newly redesigned site. Her work is artistic and eye catching and in good taste. The site reflects the best of business aspects, design, and promotion. The costs are way under market, which allows us more flexibility to experiment with new and changing ideas. When we ask for changes she is easy to get in touch with and makes the changes right away. My professional and perfectionist photographers are impressed with her technical ability's and prompt and courteous attention to their needs. I am very happy to recommend ForfengDesigns.
Madeline Seabrook
Chimes & Occasions

Marybeth, Tim, Repete, Beth and I would like to thank you for your help and setup of our websites. You work well with people that don't know what they are doing. You walked us thru the process and came up with 3 very "clean" websites that can connect to each other. We then asked you to straighten out our Rack Cards because we couldn't seem to do it ourselves. With pictures you took and clear copy you produced cards that we feel stand out and look sharp. Thank you for all your help! Big Pete and The Fentons
Appleseed Restaurant, MV Kearsarge and MV Sunapee II

Heather of Forfeng Designs has created a web site for me that I am very happy and pleased with. It has created a large upsurge in my business. I think it is very well done and designed by Heather. If you have a need for a great site, may I please recommend you contact her.
Peggy Montgomery
Classic Cakes by Design

Heather has helped create my website and has always been punctual in updating and changing it. I have enjoyed working with her and recommend her. Top qualities: Personable, On Time, High Integrity
Sarah Parker Cave
Gourmet Garden


Heather Turner has taken Photography by Jennifer around the world due to the ability to create a website that speaks personalities. My studio recommends Heather Turner, Owner of Forfeng Designs on the ability to present an over the top website design which is professional and creative.
Jennifer R. Bernard
Photography by Jennifer

Working with web designer Heather Turner, owner of Forfeng Designs on my web site was easy, fun and a learning  experience. Heather was very helpful in putting together my website that reflected my personality and artistic ideas. She was also very helpful in setting up my account and registration and getting on the world wide web. I have recommended and will continue to recommend  Heather Turner of Forfeng Designs to anyone who is looking to start a website.
Paul Howe
Paul Howe Photography

I was looking for a website designer for a long, long time. After many attempts with others and getting below average results (at a high cost), I found Forfeng Designs. My search is over. Every single person I talk to about my website comments on the great design of the site. The design in general,  along with the competitive pricing and wonderful customer service makes this service a winner.  I recommend it without hesitation.
Rick Libby
Moose Man Nature Photos

I think the webpage came out Fantastic! I'm hearing about it all the time, thank you SSSSSOOO Much! The home page sounds like how I think, I just couldn't put it into words. Everyone knows you and thinks you did an outstanding job! I think so too! It's a great advertisement for your talent.
Peter Johnson
New London Photography Group
-currently maintains his own site

Dear Heather,  I couldn't be more  pleased with my new website. Yes, it will take a lot more work on my part to get the portfolio done to put online, but I could not have done the website part on my own. I feel so lucky to have met you, learned of your company at just the right moment in my development and then to have hired you, out of all the resources available to me.  Thank you, thank you, thank you. I love the look of the graphics SOOOOOO much. You knew just what I wanted, and were able to take that vision and make it a digital reality. You were very prompt with every bit of information I got to you, to turn it right around into the project. Also you were most patient and polite while waiting for me to get information to you. It was great doing business with you. I look forward to further contact.
Heather Makechnie
Heather Vision Videography, LLC


I would highly recommend the mastery of Forfeng Designs for the development of any individual or business webpage. The Attention to detail and individuality of the business is incredible. My business website was a credit with care and professionalism. Immediately upon the publication of the new website business and hits increased amazingly. I am not only pleased but honored that Forfeng Designs produced and manages my site.  Sincerely,
Captain John Edwards
Owner Selkie Sail Charters

I can't thank Heather enough for the beautiful job she did creating my website It has been a pleasure working with her on this project. She is extremely creative and very talented.  My business increased multi-fold because of my new website with much thanks to her. It works! Getting bookings has never been so easy. The website "sells' my customers and easily makes them decide on hiring me. This week I performed 6 shows, all the clients were a result of searches on the web that brought them to my website. It used to be I'd get 1 or 2 bookings a week, now I have 5 to 6. While it's exhausting, it's certainly rewarding and the referrals are great.  Today a mom who had hired me to entertain for her daughter's birthday party told me she has been having a blast with my website. She said she's done all the puzzles and tried out all the shapes. I don't know how you did it, but thank you, my clients and I all love it. I highly recommend Heather to all my contacts and friends.  She is a fantastic web designer. Keep up the great work.  With much gratitude and appreciation,
Melody Newcombe
Melody May Productions

Heather, As we entered our way into the world of web design we had originally thought that it would be too costly to have someone design a site for us. After opening the site on our own we soon realized that it was way above our capabilities!  Feeling lost and feeling like we were still not able to afford a great big fancy site, we were sent your way with rave reviews from many of your customers. It was the best thing we could have done for our business.

We gave you the freedom to design our site with little input, except that we wanted lots of photos and to have it be rustic, like our barn! You hit the nail right on the head the first try. We were amazed the first time we viewed the site that you were able to really portray “us” in our website with only having met us one time. You did a fabulous job and we continue to get lots of feedback from customers and friends saying how beautiful the site is and how easy it is to navigate.

Your work is always done well and at such an affordable rate. You are so wonderful about making changes and always have them done so fast. I would recommend Forfeng Designs, and do, to anyone who is interested in opening a website, doing brochures, business cards etc.! Thank you so much for all that you have done for us and continue to do. Sincerely,
Kendra and Robert Messer
West Meadow Stables, LLC

Non Profits

Hi Heather,  I just want to thank you for all you have done to make our web site so much better.  I have had so many positive comments from our own families as well as new ones who have contacted us as a result of the impressions they get from visiting the site.  It is so much better organized and certainly very much more visible from the internet.  I have visited other sites and I have to say I think ours is now outstanding! Thank you very much!
Patricia Walker
Artistic Director, Petit Papillon

Hi, Heather, I hope your ears were burning on Wednesday night, when FNRT-MC had its monthly meeting.  So many great things said about you behind your back.  We're thrilled that you have taken us on!  Lindy and Pecco both impressed upon us that you're a phenomenon.  Your initiative and energy fly straight through your email.
Many, many thanks and appreciation from the Board of Directors.
Friends of the Northern Rail Trail

Heather designs quickly and flawlessly, and is always available to update website changes on a moment's notice. I recommend her highly to anyone, but especially to those in the hospitality industry. She is superb!
Bridget Warner LeRoy
Gnus of New London

Forfeng Designs
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